Attractions in Kerala

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a testament to the diversity of life found here on Earth, with thousands of species of flora and fauna to be seen. Find out more about this jeep-only safari at

Paradesi Synagogue

The Paradesi synagogue has a lot of history, as it was built in 1568, then decimated by the Portuguese in the 17th century and restored only a few years later. This ornate synagogue is a testament to religion’s contribution to architecture.

Mattancherry Palace

The Portuguese’s sycophantic efforts included the gifting of the Mattancherry Palce to the Raja of Kochi. Intricate murals within the walls depict Hindu legends. Open from 9am-5pm from Saturday to Thursday, call +91 484 484 2226085 for more information.

Museum of History and Heritage

Interactive audio and visual exhibits and stationary dioramas will walk you through Keralan culture and history at this immaculate museum. Visit for more information.

Napier Museum

This museum, designed by Robert Chisholm in 1880, has many displays catering towards Hindu culture, as well as bronze metalwork and ivory-cased design. Call +91 471 231 6275 for more information.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary plays host to elephants, tigers, panthers, and more. The 285 square kilometer reserve is zealously protected from poaching. Visit for more information.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

This 25 square kilometer park is home to over 300 species of avian descent. Call +91 4852588302 for more information.

Chinese Fishing Nets

These ancient fishing nets date back to the 1400’s where up to 4 people were needed to carry in their wares. You can see these spectacularly large nets on Fort Kochi’s northeastern shores, where the majority of the local seafood has its origins.

Kerala Folklore Museum

With over 4000 pieces for your viewing pleasure, the Kerala Folklore museum is a must see for anyone looking to soak in some of India’s culture while walking through this architectural masterpiece. Visit www.keralafolklore
for more information.

Tea Museum

This enlightening museum runs you through the process of the makings of some of the world’s finest tea. You’ll see the tea estates, the process of aging, the tea-roller and the programs that the workers follow. Call +91 4865 4865 230561 for more information.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Run for your life, it’s a grizzly bear! Oh, sorry, that’s actually the endangered grizzled giant squirrel, though about equally as scary. River treks, waterfall treks and even cultural visits with the tribes that live in the jungle can be organized. Visit for more information.

Edakkal Caves

These caverns are host to ancient petroglyphs that have been dated back to over 2500 years ago. The caves lie at the top of a hill, where tremendous views of the Wayanad district can be seen. Located in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, open from 9am-4pm, Tuesday-Sunday.

Puthe Maliga Palace Museum

Belonging to the Travancore maharajas, this ancient and ornate palace is adorned with marble sculptures and beautifully carved wooden ceilings. Located in Trivandrum, open Tuesday-Sunday.

Hill Palace Museum

This 49-building palatial mansion is the former residence of the Kochi royal family, and plays host to numerous 19th century paintings, coins, jewelry and more. Call +91 4842781113 for more information.

Krishnapuram Palace Museum

The excitement of exploring housing intended only for the footsteps of royalty is incomparable. This palace exhibits the epitome of Keralan architecture. Call +91 479 2441133 for more information.

Canal Cruise

Take a relaxing, soothing cruise down the canals of Munroe Island. Visit for more information.